About Way Sine

Modern technology of passenger information transferred in real-time.

“We are about change…about planning for the future”.
From the company’s inception to the release of our latest ultra efficient solar powered real time smart sign, Way Sine has prided itself on delivering the industry the most technologically advanced digital signs in the world. Our signs today are designed to meet the demands of tomorrows whether it’s in the emergence of Smart Cities or simply preserving our earth’s precious resources.

Karl Chang

– CEO and Founder, MIT, EE (co-founder of Verifone)

Ground Breaking Products…

Learn more about our state of the art signs and management software.
Pole Mount Signs

  • Bright ultra efficient white LED’s
  • Available in 16 or 24 character wide signs
  • Unibody design including solar and battery
  • Extremely long life non-toxic battery
  • Ultra efficient, runs all week on one charge
  • Ruggedized and vandal resistant
  • No trenching or external wiring required
  • Wireless cellular
  • ADA compliant with 2” height characters
  • Fully Buy America compliant
  • Text-to-speech audio announcer

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Shelter Mount Signs

  • Bright ultra efficient white LED’s
  • 24 character wide signs
  • Extremely long life non-toxic battery
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 line configurations
  • Powered by either solar or AC
  • Available with optional vandal enclosure
  • Wireless cellular
  • ADA compliant with 2” height characters
  • External roof mountable solar panels
  • Text-to-speech audio announcer

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WayManager Dashboard

  • Full remote management of every sign
  • Intuitive web interface to use at any device with a browser
  • Application for Apple and Android phones
  • Google map display with active pins showing sign health
  • Schedule and send messages to be display on signs
  • Run diagnostics reports for voltage, temp. and signal strength
  • Remotely configure each sign’s settings and parameters
  • Cloud hosted with no local hosting required by agency
  • Built-in sign emulator to visually represent signage display
  • Multi-agencies visible on global dashboard

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Way Sine offers low cost pilot programs to test signs in your network.
Contact us to learn more about these offers and programs.

Our Technology Prepares You For Tomorrow

Light Unibody Design

Mounts on any existing bus sign post with no additional infrastructure required

Wireless Communication

Each sign comes standard with a license free 900Mhz radio module and an option for cellular or WiFi depending on your needs

ADA Compliant

All signs are ADA compliant with 2`` high display characters that can easily be seen in the sun

Audio Annunciator

Signs can be ordered with a text-to-speech audio annunciator that informs the rider when the next bus will be arriving

Quick and Easy Installation

Our typical pole mounted sign can be installed in less than 10 minutes to dramatically lower your installation costs

Solar Powered

No Trenching, no wiring, no electricians, no permits...each sign comes with its own integrated solar panel attached to the sign

LiFePO4 Battery

Superior to all other chemical compounds, LiFePO4 are the most safe, green (non-toxic) and longest lasting batteries available today

Green Product

All Way Sine signs use recycled aluminum, non-toxic batteries, renewable energy and Lead Free manufacturing technology

Buy America

All sign are proudly made in America and fully meet all Buy America requirements

5 Year Warranty

Our 5 year warranty covers the whole product including the battery

Industry Leading Platform

Way Sine is about much more than building the worlds most cost effective and efficient real time signs…

it’s about building smart city networks for the future. Learn about Way Sine’s platform here.


Diagram depicting our platform and network

Features of our platform

  • Monitor and control devices from your PC or smartphone
  • Supports many wireless technologies including ISM radio, WiFi. Cellular, and Bluetooth
  • Full diagnostic reporting including device health, solar voltage, battery voltage, device temperature and wireless signal strength
  • Scalable platform to manage a near unlimited number of devices

  • Capture and analyze real time data from connected devices
  • Super efficient communication protocol designed for lower power and solar powered devices
  • API’s to interface into other platforms and dashboards
  • Cloud based servers and web interfaces

Technology plays a crucial role in growing ridership and adequately
serving transit riders around the world

If you are a transit agency, a smart city planner or a CAD/AVL provider and want to learn more about how Way Sine fits
into your network, please contact us at 888-560-3560.


Here are some signs installed at various bus stops for your viewing pleasure

Meet Our Clients…

Here are some great agencies which have already installed our signs
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Integrates with most any AVL…

Our signs are designed to integrate with most any AVL provider in the world
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